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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sephora Lipgloss..... CHECK THIS OUT!

I consider myself to be pretty well educated in the area of chapsticks and lip glosses. I love lip gloss. I have found a lot of lip glosses that did not work for me but this one had to be the worst ever. I try not to give bad reviews but I would be lying if I told you that this was good lip gloss. The colors are beautiful but that's about the only thing. This lip gloss does not last more than an hour before it feels like I need more. The formula is very thin and the texture of it is uncomfortable. Almost sandy or gritty. I don't expect any product to be perfect but after a few days of trying this gloss I can honestly say that I hate it. If it was my money that paid for it I would have gotten my money back. This lip gloss was six dollars a tube. Oh by the way, even the packaging seems cheap. Now you may feel differently so if you want to try this lip gloss it can be found at Sephora and it is the Sephora brand. All of this is just my personal opinion. I would say enjoy but.............................well that's up to you lol.

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