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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Homemade MAC Studio Fix Plus.... LADIES PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT!

I know we live in a generation where everybody wants to "make it rain" and "ball til they fall" but that's not my testimony. I honestly want to save whenever I can. Especially if its for an item that is I feel isn't worth the price in the first place. I don't feel like that's the case with MAC's Studio Fix Plus but because of the price it definitely wasn't on my lists of must-haves. Now in case you are not familiar with this spray let me explain how it works. You can use it to apply to your makeup or once its finished to hold it into place. You can also apply it in the middle of the day as a way to freshen up without reapplying any makeup. You can mix it with your foundations to create that dewy summer finish. Also mix it with eyeshadow pigments to create cream liners. The last thing and the main reason I wanted it is, when mixed with eyeshadows and or pigments it instantly brightens your colors. What use to be a dull color now has flare. So its a lovely product with multiple uses. Well I recently found out how to make it at home and it works. What you will need is distilled water,  rubbing alcohol and pure glycerin. You will also need some type of small spray bottle. Take the rubbing alcohol and put it in the bottle shake it up and spray it a few times to disinfect the nozzle. Pour all of the alcohol out and rinse the bottle with a little water. Now its time to make the mix. You will need one part of glycerin to every three parts water. I did mine with a tablespoon so that means for every one spoon of glycerin that I put in the bottle I had to add three spoons of distilled water. I did this twice. Then I mixed it up and it was ready to use. Make sure to shake it up well or it will not work. Also make sure you put some kind of label on the bottle with the date because you cant keep the same mixture for more than a month. Im so excited because what would have cost me twenty six dollars a bottle at MAC only costs me seven dollars for at least twenty bottles.For visual instructions on how to do this check out my Youtube channel, Kingdom Beauty(simply put), in a few hours and there will be a tutorial up titled Homemade Mac Studio Fix Plus or something like that. Also it took me forever to find the pure glycerin. If you are wondering, you can find it at CVS on the skin care and moisture aisle for five dollars. Alright ladies enjoy..............

 before the fix plus

  after the fix plus
 before fix plus
 after fix plus

fix plus swatch on the left side, regular on the right

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