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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sensual Indian Remi Collection

after its been washed and product added. 14in #1
this is the dry afro look. it is sew in and its an 8in
Today's product review is for the Sensual Indian Remi Collection-jerry curl. I actually love this hair and I recommend it every chance I get. I normally wear this hair as a sew in. It is very easy to shampoo and maintain. When it originally comes in the pack it is straight but if you wet it it curls up. I use several products to maintain this hair depending on the look Im going for. For a wetter looking curl I use jerri curl activator and mousse. For a drier, afro type of curl I use Mixed Chicks. Once you've worn it curly if you want it straight again I suggest shampooing, then blow drying and then flat ironing. I definitely recommend that you also use some sort of heat protectant. This hair is relatively affordable depending on your budget. It runs anywhere from $35-$50 a pack depending on the length. If you live in St Pete this hair can be purchased at Fat Boys Beauty Supply. If you live in Tampa it can be purchased at King's Beauty Supply on Busch blvd. It is also available in a body wave and indian wave but the jerri curl, by far, is my favorite. It is available in the basic colors #1,#1b, #2, #4. Anything lighter than this you would have to color it yourself, which shouldnt be a problem because this hair colors very easily. Alright let me know how you like it, divas. Enjoy.........
the hair in its straight form. i manually curled it at the end with a big barrel curling iron.
this 14&16in in #1b

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